Vatheia is a village on the Mani Peninsula,in south-eastern Laconia. The local community of Vatheia is named after this village.

The aforementioned local community is a subdivision of the municipal unit of Oitylo. It is known for its tower-houses built on a hill dominating the surrounding countryside.

Vatheia is linked by road north to Areopoli and Kalamata and south to Cape Matapan also known as Tenaro.

In the northern and eastern direction, the southern reaches of the Saggias mountain range overlook the village. Farmland and maquis shrubland cover the hill slopes.

On the hills and mountain sides around Vatheia proper are clusters of abandoned houses, towers and chapels known as the perichora, meaning environs.

Currently, Vatheia is a tourist attraction during spring and summer due to the abundance of wild flowers that cover the nearby hills and its scenic views.

Moreover, it serves as an iconic example of the south Maniot vernacular architecture as it developed during the 19th century.

The nearest villages are Kyparissos, Alika and Gerolimenas to the north-west and Lagia to the north-east.

Source: Wikipedia